how do you style? 

Make your home a place You enjoy!

Get your style on - No more Wardrobe Blahs!

Take The Guess Work Out

Sometimes we pull a favorite old jacket out of our closet well aware that it's getting worn and frayed but when we wear it we feel so great - we feel like we can rock the world.

If you're struggling with:

  • How to dress and feel put together

  • Wearing the same pieces differently

  • Getting more wear out of the pieces you're struggling to style

  • Can't get past wearing an item again and again or only one time

I can help! Make your closet a place you enjoy! Define your style and wardrobe needs. Feel good about what you wear. Let me help you organize your closet and whole home.



Your Style Connection is now hosting Private Events . . .

Wardrobe and Organization classes for you and your friends.  Intimate and Informative!

Contact me for more information. 

CLOSET & Home Organization

As years go on what once looked good and felt appropriate may not seem right. Our homes are filled with things, but should be our sanctuary.  We want our clothes  to show others that we're up to date and look like someone who has achieved a lot - with exciting places still to go.  Organizing our home and decluttering is necessary, although sometimes painful. It helps to work with someone with a fresh set of eyes and it's much more fun!  How can we grow if we can’t let go?"



Who Are You?

 Have you ever said, "I wish I looked better?"  We all have felt the need for a change...a new personal goal, life changing event, or career change.  The right clothes do make a difference!  Who do you want to be? You deserve to look good.

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."