Class April 29 and May 6

Confused with all the magazine, TV and video advice on organizing and decluttering your life and home?  No need to be overwhelmed – work with me and build a customized solution made just for you.

 This 2 session class will provide you with tips and tools to develop your own personalized plan of action that will work for your lifestyle -- get rid of the stress and feel happy in your home again!

6:00-8:00 Monday, April 29 & May 6. Call River Road Rec Center for registration . 541-688-4052

This class has been a favorite! We hear so much in the media and hate to come home to a mess and stress. Sometimes you just need a plan to understand where to begin. Let your friends know!

How does the week between Christmas and New Years Day affect you?

In my case, I feel bored. No pilates, yoga, or tango. Christmas prep and events are over. What to do?


You can clean. In need of movement, I cleaned two messy kitchen cupboards. I also inventoried my freezer and planned some menus. Not a lot, but it helped.

Go through your clothes closet. I bet you will find things you haven’t worn in seasons or years. I have three sweaters I always wear December and January….for the same events and seen by the same people. My CPW (Cost Per Wear)) should be minimal and I will let go of two of the three. That one I can still combine with other pieces to make different outfits. I am also ready to get rid of some purses I haven’t used in years. I love them, but how many do we really need and use?

Slowly put away your Christmas decorations. I get the guilds for wanting to dismantle right after Christmas, so put away the Santas and enjoy the winter themed pieces into January. Santa is overdone anyway.

As you put your decorations away, clean those areas and enjoy the space. Try returning only half or the things that were there before. Save the others for another season or when you feel the need for a change. Move pieces to a different room.

These little projects will leave you and your home feeling energized and refreshed. It does work! And now, I need to get back to cleaning my kitchen!

December 2018

Dear Friends,
You may have noticed an absence in my newsletters.  Life happens and has kept me busy!  If you're trying to write Christmas cards and letters, I'm sure you, too, notice how fast the year has gone.

My goal has been to provide relevant information that you can use, however, I have decided to discontinue my newsletters and provide that information on my website blog for you to follow.

In the meantime, I will continue my Organization and Wardrobe classes for River Road and Willamalane spring and fall sessions. River Road has also kept me very busy subbing for Yoga, Chair Yoga, Fusion, and Pilates.  Plus, this year Steve and I have opened our home to Airbnb guests. We've been quite busy and have met some really great people.. And, of course, my passion for tango has not wavered and I try to dance at least two or three times a week.  Don't you love that 8-5 retirement?


Thank you for your interest, comments, ideas, and friendship.

May your Christmas be warm with love, blessed with joy,
and your New Year bright with promise!


Be sure to follow my blog right here!

S.O.A.P. When Decluttering

Don't forget the S.O.A.P!

I thought this was great advice when I read it the other day.

Carmen Shenk, known as "The Tiny House Foodie," lives in a Skoolie conversion with her husband—their second tiny home. She recommends never forgetting the S.O.A.P:

Start small—but start. Even if it's just going through that one shelf that's been bothering you, a start to simplifying is still a start!

Only one right-sizing project at a time. Don't jump into trying to downsize lots of things or many rooms at a time. This will likely cause you to become overwhelmed and unmotivated. Instead, start with one junk drawer, closet, or room at a time.

Appreciate the process and stay in the moment. Purging will teach you a lot about yourself, your needs, and your wants. Instead of being overwhelmed by future uses for an object or the meaning imbued in your things, ask yourself how it makes you feel right now. It may take you multiple passes at purging in order to actually make any headway in downsizing, but trust that each pass will bring you closer to that simple life of your dreams.

Practice gratitude. You might have a lot of things and that can be overwhelming. One way to get over what seems like an enormous task at hand? Focus on how lucky you are to have had a bounty, and how fortunate you are to be able to give things away.

Fall is Here and I'm FALLING Behind!

This September I’ve been working hard on my class presentations. plus subbing for yoga, chair yoga and, you know me…I have to have time for tango! Developing two brand new classes takes a little bit of time but I love program development. Then, presenting the material and interacting with the students is the best thrill. so . . .

River Road Rec Center - 541-688-4052

Feel Better About Yourself and the Clothes You Wear. 9/24, 6:30-8:30. This class will help you understand why you feel good in some clothes and immediately change from others. Learn about body shape and fit, proportion, and tips on how to look taller and leaner in your clothes.

Organize and Declutter Your Home- Now! 10/1 & 10/8, 6:30-8:30. Understand why getting rid of this is so difficult on the first night and ways and methods to stay organized on the second evening. Lots of tips and tools!

Willamalane Adult Activity Center - 541-688-4052

Organize and Declutter Your Home 10/16& 10/13, 10-12

Clean Out THAT Closet 10/16 10-12. Learn tips and tricks to clean out that closet you’ve been avoiding.

Hope some of you close to Eugene can make it. Don’t forget that I can also work with you individually and via phone and internet too. Technology makes it easy

Is Your House Making You Happy?

There are many kinds of houses, but our "home" should feed our soul with whatever we need .... rest, relaxation, shelter, creativity, nourishment, joy, solitude or family. Does your house give that to you?

Martha Beck suggests to take a mental tour of your house, picturing yourself returning home after a day at work or exercise class. Notice your mood approaching the door. What do you usually see or face as you enter your house?  What is your mood upon opening the door? Pay attention to your emotional reaction as you enter. Envision touching the wall as you walk through each room. Do you feel tense or relaxed, content or anxious, happy or sad?

Does your mood change as you go from room to room? Are you approached by order or disarray? The softness of cushions on the couch, the smells in the kitchen, or clothes waiting in the laundry? Piles of mail or unpaid bills? Are there certain colors in a room that affect your emotions? What about the light in each room? What mood does it suggest? Harsh overhead or softness, ability to see sunshine, or dark, avoid me, rooms?

The exercise above will help you identify the elements that play a role in how our house makes us feel. I will also sit in each chair in every room to determine what I see and how I feel in that seat. That may be how it affects others that sit there.

  • Sensory elements are everything you experience physically. How do the room's colors, lighting, and patterns make you feel? Texture and temperature whether touched or seen can be warm or so cold you can't relax. Don't forget the smells and sounds of a space—aromas of cooking or a favorite perfume, laughter of friends or family.
  • Utility refers to the usefulness of a space. Things need to be functional and work for you. Size or cost make no difference here.
  • Organization. We hear so much about this. Discover if you have a "blind eye" to a mess or if it may be someone else's mess (like a teenager's room) and you can let it go. Everyone I've talked with feels so much better after a declutter session or even cleaning out one closet or a couple cupboards in the kitchen. It's such a good way to de-stress!
  • Association with items will have good and bad memories. Keeping too much from a previous relationship, job, or bad experience may bring up negative emotions and drag us down.  It's important to recognize that. We need good energy in our homes.  It may be time to redecorate.

We are approaching a change of season soon.  For me, I need to change something in my environment.  Since I can't always buy something new,it may be a change of pillows, seasonal art, or moving pieces to a different room. I go through my closet, straighten out a drawer, or give a room a cleaning, but I have to do something.

I suggest each of you take this mental tour of your home and write down your reactions, moods, and findings.  Make a list of any changes you'd like to see happen. What do you like and dislike? Then do an actual walk through and experience it again. Try to detach personally and address this as a decorator would, or maybe as someone viewing your home to purchase. What do you learn?

I'd love for you to email your findings to me at  We can learn so much from each other.  Everyone has good ideas and support from others is much needed and a fun motivator. Can't wait to hear from you!

Martha Beck reminds us that by "recognizing and embracing your power to change one small space at a time, you can use your gut, heart, and brain to make sure your home takes you further toward happiness and satisfaction."


5 Golden Rules of Kitchen Organizing

I was reading an article on simple guidelines to follow in your household routine to turn your kitchen into the most Insta-worthy room in your house.

Do any of you post food, flower, or travel pictures on Instagram? I don't, but the article immediately reminded me of the same things I share with my clients when I help them with their closets.

1.  ONLY DISPLAY WHAT'S BOTH BEAUTIFUL AND FUNCTIONAL.. Showcase things you find both beautiful and functional—that is, things you want to look at that also serve a purpose!  Determine your color scheme and allow it to be a changing art piece! 

In your closet, Have only things that you actually wear and feel good wearing.  Know your style, best colors, and how fit. Curate your wardrobe!

2.  FOR EVERYTHING THAT'S FUNCTIONAL BUT NOT BEAUTIFUL - HIDE IT! Most people have too many things on their counter tops anyway.  This lends to a messy look and accumulation of clutter.

Now, in your closet. get rid of anything that's faded, worn, ill-fitting, out of date, or you never wear. If it was functional and beautiful, you'd be wearing it.

3.  WHEN YOU GET SOMETHING NEW, GET RIDE OF SOMETHING OLD.  How many doubles do you have? If two different items perform the same function you may be able to get rid of it, especially if it's seldom used. 

The "one in, one out" guideline is used in your closet also.  If you bought another another white shirt to replace one worn, yellowed, or out of date, fine.  If not, why? Replace and get rid of the other.

4.  REFRESH YOUR SPICES ONCE A YEAR. Spices can overwhelm your cabinets, plus they do lose flavor gradually over time. Comb through them annually and discard very old or unused spices.

Again, in your closet, go through everything at least once a year.  I do it seasonally.  Get rid of outdated and unworn clothes.  On the other hand, update your look with the latest trends in jewelry or scarves.  What will give your go-to clothes a new look, and you, a new zip in your walk?  It's worth it!

5.  MAKE YOUR MOST-USED ITEMS EASIEST TO ACCESS. If you use an appliance or utensil time and again, you don't want to be rooting around in a cabinet every time you access it. Organize your drawers and cabinets to keep your key tools easy to access, 

An organized closet makes getting dressed a pleasure.  It eliminates the dread of "I have a closet filled with clothes but nothing to wear."  Each item in your closet should pair with two other things.  You need to be able to see everything available from tops and bottoms, to shoes and accessories.


I can help...answer questions..give ideas and options.  This works on the phone, email,  and in person.  We can do it and you'll feel so much better