“Recently, I was chosen as a leader in an international coaching corporation. In preparation for attending a week-long training event with 65 CEOs from a multitude of industries, I worked with Patricia to outfit my days. My goal – be professionally sharp and memorable, while reflecting my personality and being comfortable – Patricia ensured my success!!”  ~KL Wells Founder of Networking Power

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“Patricia taught me proportion - how to wear clothes that best fit my body proportions. Now when I shop - I know what to look for and I have confidence every time I get dressed. Thank you Patricia! ”  ~Val Stilwell MSCS -  Consultant

I thought about you today when I was out.  I had a $10 coupon which was going to expire so I tried on a few things.  I kept hearing:  "That looks like an old lady."  "That cuts you at the wrong line?"  Ha Ha.  Thanks for the advice. 

 I wore my new top this week and followed your advice on another outfit and got complements all day long!  I told my friend you took me shopping and she wants you to do the same for her!!!   

  ~ L from Seattle ~

(Hopefully, the Ha Ha was there because I really said I though we could find a younger looking print and reminded her to focus on the lines and cuts that were most flattering to her body.)



In a 2/16/16 Facebook post, Sharon wrote: "Decluttering. I regularly donate gently used items to SARA's and St. Vinnie's. Who knew I had so much more to give? Vases, pitchers, bowls, placemats and even more clothes! Thank you Patricia for the direction and inspiration. Great class!"



So honored Your Style Connection was included in the Register Guard Home and Garden Magazine, 10/6/16. 


Sun 2/3/2019 2:15 PM

Hi Patty,

I was thinking of you yesterday. Cleaned out my dresser drawers, again. This time I rolled my clothes up so that I can see all of them. I’m very excited. Also bought new lazy susans for my spices and cleaned them out again.

Thanks for the inspiration.

😀 Tamara